Cuatro para Agosto! A Mexican Birthday Fiesta..

Last month, August 18th, my sisters and I, celebrated both me and my dad’s birthday. This party was also for 2 of our current babies… the two things that are keeping us busy nowadays, hence the long overdue post haha! One is The Supper Club, an events cum catering business, and the other a family business called Vmobile.

We served up a simple Mexican themed fiesta for some of our relatives and closest friends. It took about a week before the event for us to DIY our way to most of the decorations (will be posting about that soon). And all that work was well worth all the effort!

Here are are a couple of the photos we want to share with you. By the way, thanks so much to one of our lovely friends Paulo Maneja for taking these lovely shots.

Our Mexican themed spread: Calamansi Crinkles, Leche Flan / Flan, Grilled Corn, Mexican spiced chicken, Picadillo, Nachos with Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Cheese sauce, Freshly made flour tortillas
Salted Caramel Cupcakes made by very generous cousins, Ica & Kat! Love you both 😀
Cute striped straws in 3 colors! Blue, Red & Green!
Of course! There was a piñata! :p

Some photos of our quirky friends! Thank you for making this event possible! 😀

To my fellow bees, tis the beginning of many many more parties we’ll be throwing! Salud!

D.I.Y. Wipe Board

DIY Wipe Board

So we’ve been itching to put our hands on something productive this past few days, like a project of some sort! You know just to keep the mind from idling and keep the creative juices flowing.

Then we remember we did a renovation on one of the rooms in the house and have kept  some a lot of the stuff the we thought we could rescue, re-use, recycle, refashion and what other RE-‘s you have in mind. But it has been two years since we’ve last seen these projects-to-be (Yes we have a knack for forgetting, actually more of procrastinating). It’s all tucked in a room outside the house (like a toned down hoarders episode) away from all the clean-ness and organized loveliness where no one can see or remember it. Haha!

We didn’t want to be overwhelmed by all the things  that were waiting inside that little room, so we decided to take on an easy project.

Having said that…that’s when we found this!

Let’s do this…

Here’s what we’ll need

  • an old picture frame (ones with glass not plastic)
  • newspaper or masking tape
  • gift wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • spray paint (optional)
  • white wipe board markers!

1. Take out the glass and the picture it came with and line the inner part of the frame with newspaper.

2. Spray paint the frame. (Remember to protect your “painting area” you don’t want to leave paint marks everywhere!)

3. Cover the picture with gift wrapping paper.

4. Once the paint dries, take the “picture + glass” and put it back on the frame (You can clean the glass from finger prints with a lightly damp newspaper before putting it back.).

Voila.. you now have your very own  wipe board!

Happy wiping/ writing! 🙂

“Sew” Cute! Refashioning an Oversized Shirt

Halloo, dear lovelies! First of all, my apologies to you guys for this long overdue update as well as to my younger sib, Lyna, who has been constantly nagging, (oops!) lovingly reminding me (nice save! haha) to finally upload a post for this blog.

Anyway, enough with the pleasantries, let’s jump right into our latest adventure–refashioning! Yes, you read that right, REFASHIONING. We got into this hobby just recently about 2-3 months ago while Pinteresting. We stumbled upon a lovely refashionista ( which totally got us hooked. Inspired by her upcycles and refashions, we tried our “hand” on refashioning. (Pun intended!) Since we didn’t have a machine then, we did all of our sewing by hand. It took us around 2-3 days finishing projects. I guess seeing clothes take an exciting new form trumps the many knuckle-hurting and needle-pricking moments.

Good thing the parentals got us a pre-loved electric sewing machine in one of our family thrift shopping trips, so I got to finish this project in time for this post! :)Downside is it’s Japanese—- hehehe! Got to tinker with it so we got it to work! Yey!

Btw, before you start on recreating this project, you need to gear up with these stuff:

• button down shirt (I used an oversized long-sleeved one)

• sewing machine or needle and thread

• thread (preferably close to the color to that of your fabric)

• scissors

• flexible measuring tape (I used  a ruler.. )

• pins

• marking pen, pencil, or tailor’s chalk (any marking pen would do, just make sure that you use one that wouldn’t leave a permanent mark on your fabric especially when you’re handling delicates or light colored ones)

Optional (these are in case you want to add a tad bit more detail to your blouse)

• extra fabric with the print or color you like (you’ll use this one for lining / piping the edges of the blouse)

• colored buttons

• lace

First thing you need to do is create a pattern:

1. Lay your oversized shirt on a surface, making sure that you lay it real flat. After that, place a shirt you like the shape of, on top of the oversized shirt, again making sure it’s flat. This will serve as your pattern. Secure your “pattern” with pins.


2. Getting your chalk, trace around your pattern. Spare a bit for seam allowance. (I gave mine around half an inch.)

3. Not removing the pins. Cut out the fabric following the edges of your seam allowance. Make sure you cut out a neck line as well.

4. Rip the seams of the pocket and set aside.

Now you can begin on sewing things up:

5. Sew along the lines you traced. (Since I decided on placing a bit of piping on my shirt, I left the neckline out.) Sew the piping on the neckline. (It’ll be a breeze if you iron your piping first so the width would be consistent..)

Hang in there lovelies! We’re almost through! Remember the pocket we set aside in Step 4?

6. Taking your ripped pocket, sew in the details you want placed. (I took the same piping I used on the neckline and a bit of lace.)

7. Pin the pocket on the area where you want it sewn. (I pinned mine facing the mirror, so I can see the effect 😀 ) Sew it in place.

Optional: Sew in colorful buttons on your shirt for a cuter effect!

Voila! A new stylish shirt! 😀

Try it for yourself and show us what you come up with.. 😀


Since my sister’s and I, the entire family’s really into DIY stuffs especially those shabby-chic-pinteresty types. We’ve been on a constant look out for some inspiration…. and when we were out on one of our trips to the north one day we saw this little store (heima) and  boy what inspiration did we find!

It was like being in a coma and waking-up in pinterest heaven!

The place just lives and breathes design sponge!

They even had these– view master. Wooow! We use to own one of these when we were little talk about major nostalgia so just imagine our excitement. We were totally fighting over who gets to play with it first…childish i know..NOT 🙂

Everything was just so cute and pretty, we wanted everything in that store but the stuff were a little pricey. Good thing the owner allowed us to take all the pictures that we wanted! Now we get to share the inspiration with you, yehey! enjoy!